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Collaboration, transparency, realism...

..working with the community in pursuing a vision for Spring Creek Mountain Village (formerly Restwell Trailer Park) in Canmore, Alberta

The Area Redevelopment Plan
The Spring Creek Area Redevelopment Plan was approved by the Town of Canmore in September of 2004. The time-frame for the redevelopment was anticipated at ten to fifteen years. In the elapsed five years since project approval, local developer and third generation owner, Frank Kernick has driven ahead with the first stage of redevelopment at Spring Creek.

Now well into The Spring Creek Area Redevelopment Plan and operating under the name of Spring Creek Mountain Village, the former Restwell Trailer Park lands have a long history dating back to the first redevelopment of the area by the Kernick family in the late 1950s. Previously, the Kernicks operated the property as The Canmore Dairy Farm.

Stage 1 Progress
Today Stage 1 of the project is well underway. The property has already seen massive transformation with site restoration, road-access improvements including bridges, a state-of-the-art rail crossing and a road roundabout installation on Bow Valley Trail. Area beautification initiatives including pedestrian path development and architectural landscaping are ongoing priorities. The first three multi-unit buildings have been completed incorporating geo-thermal technologies and other "green" construction techniques as well as employing natural exterior materials associated with the mountain surroundings. With successful sales of the first residential units, the transformation of the community at Spring Creek Mountain Village is now taking shape.

Stage 2 Rezoning
As of October 2009, part of the site continues to be operated as a lease land mobile home community. Developer and owner Frank Kernick, is continuing on an orderly re-development path with the recent submission of the Stage 2 rezoning application to the Town of Canmore. A number of Stage 2 supporting documents are available for download in PDF format from this site.

Purpose Of This Web Site
This web site is one of a number of steps being taken to keep stakeholders and the general community informed as we continue with the Spring Creek Mountain Village redevelopment process. Within these pages you can review important planning documents, applications, and reports. We intend to update these pages regularly in the interest of being informative. We have provided mechanisms for you to submit feedback. We invite and welcome your input as we go. Feel free to send us your comments at any time.



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